4 Points to Consider Before Eatingat an Authentic Restaurant in Fleet!

Date : 4th June 2020

Eating out is fun! It is a celebration for some, recreation for many and a necessity for few! When you get tired of the monotonous home-cooked delicacies, you lookout for a change in your taste buds and find out ways to excite your palate! But this pandemic has put a barrier between you and your food passion and people are barred from going out. Social Distancing has become the need of the hour and normal life has come to a standstill. But with few safety precautions and standard checks, you can continue to enjoy your food love. You can still crush in at your favourite authentic restaurant in Fleet and enjoy a hearty meal. Just do not forget to check out for some safety checklists!

Important Safety Checks

  1. Check for the Restaurant’s Hygiene– If you are a regular visitor to any particular restaurant, you know about the interiors and the management well. Just make sure to see if the authentic restaurant that you are going to visit has kept all the safety measures intact. The premises and the pantry hygiene, the sanitization of the staff members and the chefs, the cleaning of the dining arrangements should all be up to the optimum standards.
  2. Know about the Food Quality Offered– This pandemic has seen many restaurants deteriorate in the quality of food served. Fewer visitors and restricted supply of ingredients, rocket high prices of spices have led to a quality compromise. But surely not at Gurkha Inn! We still maintain our food quality as before and no chances is been taken with people’s health. The food prepared is hot and fresh and served with ultimate sanity.
  3. Avoid Rush Hours– A keen and clever thing to do is avoid peak hours and happy hours when visiting an authentic restaurant in fleet. This will help you to maintain the required social distancing norms and less crowded places will ensure safety in this pandemic. We at Gurkha Inn have rearranged our dining system and kept the tables at the specific distance to maintain the norms. We also do not allow overcrowding and have put a capping on the number of guests that can visit us at a particular time.
  4. Try And Opt For Home Delivery Or Takeaways– If you still want to enjoy an authentic meal from a famous restaurant but are not willing to go out and visit the place, you can always opt for a quick pick up of the food parcel or order for home delivery. Gurkha Inn, the authentic restaurant in Fleet, serving Nepalese cuisine and Indian Dishes is accepting online orders for home delivery. You can also place your order on the phone for a quick parcel takeaway. What more! An online order entitles you to an instant discount of upto 20%!

Now no more concerns to refrain yourself from eating a delightful meal! Just keep the above measures in mind and eat your heart out at Gurkha Inn or place an online order soon!