4 Qualities of the Best Indian Restaurant in Fleet

Date : 14th May 2020

Indian food has a huge fan following in Fleet and you may find many restaurants serving Indian Food here. But not all the restaurants serve what they claim and you may not get the taste that you expect. India is a vast country with diverse food cuisines coming from various regions of that country. North India has its spicy Indian gravies and south India is famous for the ‘sambhars’ and ‘rasams’. The seafood from the Konkan Coast is a very popular fare all over! The Himalayas and the mountain region have its typical mountain food that can make you hungry in no time!

Many Indian Restaurant in Fleet claims to serve authentic Indian Food but all does not stand true to their claim. You can judge a restaurant on the basis of these 4 qualities and choose your dinner destination accordingly:

Menu Variation

The more variety of dishes you get in an Indian restaurant, the more delightful will your mealtime be! When you go out with your family or friends, no two people agree to the same choice. The greater choice or options will offer you plenty to pick from and no one will be left disappointed. Gurkha Inn has a lot of Indian dishes on its list along with mouth-watering Nepalese cuisine. So you get ample at this Indian restaurant in Fleet.

Kitchen Hygiene

Health and hygiene should come first when food is concerned. A well-maintained kitchen with a clean and sanitized environment is a must for a great restaurant. The food served at an Indian restaurant should be free from any sort of contamination keeping public health in mind. People can easily rely on the quality of food if the restaurant has a well-kept kitchen and pantry.

Chefs and Staff

The real captains of the ship! A restaurant with a team oftrained and experienced chefs can never go wrong with its food choice and recipes. A true chef knows how to woo his guests and you can very well distinguish the special aroma in his food. Authentic recipes along with right cooking techniques are a must for a great dish and a true chef knows this well. The other supporting staff should be courteous and well behaved to give their guests the best feel!

Price Points

A restaurant with a highly priced menu is a big disappointment for many. No one wants to let go of their hard-earned money for low-quality food. A decently and reasonably priced restaurant wins thehearts of its guests and people love coming to it over and over again. Gurkha Inn is a classic Indian restaurant in Fleet with lip-smacking dishes and a reasonably priced menu. The online website has all the details regarding the pricing and the timings. We also home deliver orders placed online or you can even opt for a self-pickup just in case! We are open to serve our guests even during this pandemic so that nobody misses on good food!