5 Parameters to Judge a Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet

Date : 6th February 2020

There may be several restaurants in Fleet claiming to be the best in the town but how true do they stand on their claim? Different restaurants may be popular in specified cuisine category but the authenticity of the dishes has to be proven to the guests. The reviews and testimonials are the real mirror reflecting the true image of a restaurant. And these reviews are based on the basic 5 parameters that we are discussing in this blog. For example, if a restaurant claims to be the best Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet, then the menu, the décor and the food quality all should be taken to account to establish the facts.

Fleet has a considerable amount of Nepalese settlement in the area and so the cravings and demand for a Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet has always been there. Gurkha Inn, as the name suggests, is the best Nepalese restaurant in Fleetstarted primarily to bring the wonderful Nepalese Cuisine on this foreign soil. Known for rich flavours and unique cooking styles, Nepalese Food can be distinguished from other casual food in the most striking manner. The Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet has an upper hand in making this already popular food cuisine a much sought after food love.

Qualities to Find Out in the Best Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet

  1. Food Authenticity

When it comes to claiming to be the master of a particular food style, the most important factor to seal the claim is to serve the authentic and conventional recipes from that region. Gurkha Inn serves traditional Nepalese Food and can be rightly called the best Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet. No doubts on that count! The cooking styles and the food dishes are all handpicked from the lanes of this wonderful country and presented in the most sophisticated manner to the resident of Fleet.

  • Menu Variation

Serving only a dish or two from a particular cuisine doesn’t mean that the restaurant can be categorized in that particular segment. Gurkha Inn has a long list of Nepalese Dishes that you can saviour and the menu gives you plenty of options for the non-vegetarians as well as vegetarians. Right from the famous dumpling to the popular Himalayan meat preparations, you can get everything in this Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet. 

  • Décor and Ambience

The correct amount of lighting along with themed décor escalates the dining experience and so a Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet should focus on the interiors along with the food served. This is another important aspect to judge a restaurant in a place.    `

  • Pricing

An over-priced food junction is never appreciated and the diner may feel cheated when handled the final bill. A Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet should be fairly priced and economical so that the guests can enjoy the dishes without worrying about the pocket pinch.

  • Hospitality

A gracious welcoming along with polite and cordial gesture can make your dining experience a worthy affair. And Nepal being particularly famous for friendly Gurkha Community, how can you not expect a Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet to fail on that parameter!