5 Tips to Eating Out Safely in This Corona Virus Situation

Date : 23rd April 2020

Eating out is a welcome change to break the monotony of regular life. But this pandemic is not going down well with the humans and we are forced to remain confined at home. But does that mean we need to make the whole bunch of sacrifices in our life! We can still continue to live the way we want to but keeping certain precautions in mind. Here Gurkha Inn helps you with certain tips and guidelines that you can follow to have a safe meal at a restaurant. Just follow these specifications and enjoy your mealtime!

Tips for Safe Eating Out!


Check The Restaurant’s Cleanliness

The first thing on your list while eating out should be the cleanliness check of the place where you are about to spend your next 1 hour! You can make out of the restaurant’s up-keeping by having a close look at the premises, tables, cutlery and dishes, restrooms, etc. If the outside area is well sanitized and well maintained, be sure that the pantry and the kitchen are clean as well. Look out if the chefs have proper aprons, head covers and gloves on while cooking. A clean and hygienic space assures you healthy and safe food!


Avoid Meat, Poultry & Seafood

During this coronavirus outbreak, it’s been constantly advised by health experts to avoid meat and seafood as much as possible. Vegetarian and vegan food is a safe bet for you at this point of time and so try looking out for some of these at the restaurant you visit! Gurkha Inn in Fleet has a menu flooded with amazing vegetarian recipes for its guests. You can try some of our Indian as well as Nepalese fares to treat your tongue!


Look Out For Hot Steaming Food

It is always safe to consume piping hot meals when eating out. These rules out any chances of a microbe presence in food! Food that is above 60 degrees centigrade is completely safe to consume by the guests. Even if you eat cold desserts, make sure it is freshly out of the freezer with a temperature less than 5 degrees centigrade. Following these measures will help you to kick off any possible contamination chances through food.


Beware of Raw and Undercooked Meats

If a bite of your favourite dish suggests that it is undercooked or slightly raw, don’t hesitate to send it back to the kitchen! Undercooked food is a hub of several diseases and may lead to serious contamination. Be alert and diligent with what you gorge upon.


Visit a Well-Renowned Restaurant

Avoid roadside food stalls and stick to eating at famous restaurants that have all the safety amenities and are well-versed in maintaining the food standards and overall public health. Good restaurants take severe measures to maintain things and do not take chances with cheap quality ingredients as well as leftovers.

This COVID-19 is a serious threat to the human race and a careful watch and precautionary moves can curb it from causing harm to us!