A Guide to Satiate Your Cravings through Nepalese Food in Fleet

Date : 26th December 2019

Nepalese cuisine is all about the right technique and ingredients. You will get authentic Nepalese food in Fleet in some of the top restaurants in town. You will get to savour some lean meat, pickled ingredients, fresh vegetables, as well as salads. You will get to eat lentils, potatoes, fresh vegetables, cumin, coriander, chilli peppers, peppers, garlic, etc. If you are looking for authentic Nepalese food in Fleet, you should visit one of the top restaurants which serve good Nepalese food in Fleet.

Yogurt is a very popular ingredient in the Nepalese cuisine in Fleet for its healthy characteristics. While cooking authentic Nepalese food in Fleet is not an easy task, as you require the right set of ingredients to come up with the exact flavours of Nepali cuisine. Also, you require fresh vegetables, the right amount of seasoning, and sautéing them to the required level to get the real taste. 

There are many restaurants that serve delicious traditional Nepalese food in Fleet. And, you should try them as long as you are in Fleet or you visit the place. Here are some of the Nepalese Food that you should try and satiate all your taste buds with the traditional flavours straight from the local area of Nepal.

Pulao Rice 

Rice, like many other Asian countries, is a staple of many Nepali dishes and you will also get this in Nepalese food in Fleet. Pulao which is also called pilaf and pilau is a very popular dish among locals as well as tourists. Vegetable Pulao is cooked using fresh vegetables and is seasoned with turmeric and cumin in a light manner.

 Momo (Veg/Chicken) 

The Nepalese dish par excellence is the momos and is one of the most sought-after Nepalese food in Fleet. Dumplings made of flour dough, fried or steamed, stuffed with meat or vegetables. The seasoning used in Nepalese food in Fleet are sometimes very spicy and often contain raw chilli and garlic. In street stalls, food houses where there are only momos (watch out for the green sauce, extremely spicy) or in sophisticated restaurants. Momos are a real vice, they are delicious!

Darjeeling Ko Veda (Lamb)

Another winter favourite, the Darjeeling Ko Veda (Lamb), is an intense and abundant curry dish. This dish is one of the most traditional dishes of Nepal and is lived by all from the country. You may either eat the meat directly or you can mix it with warm rice. Rice is a good addition to this finished Nepalese food in Fleet, but sometimes a good Darjeeling curry is better when eaten with roti, a hand-made round bread.  So, if you are looking for great Nepalese food in Fleet, pay a visit to Gurkha Inn now and savour the authentic taste of Nepalese cuisine. Gurkha Inn is one of the top restaurants in Fleet serving the best of Nepalese food along with a great ambiance at the restaurant.