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Namaste and welcome to Gurkha Inn Fleet.

Nepalese & Indian Cuisine

The name “Gurkha” comes from the hill town of Gorkha from which the Nepalese kingdom had expanded. Nepalese Gurkha soldiers, renowned for their bravery and loyalty, have been an integral part of the British Army for over 200 years. Gurkhas have loyally fought for the British all over the world, receiving 13 Victoria Crosses between them.

Gurkha Inn Fleet is a genuine attempt to celebrate the food, beverages and culture the Nepalese warriors have brought over from the Himalayas. We are here to offer you authentic and exquisite Nepalese, Indian and Indo-Chinese selections in a relaxed and contemporary setting.

Our friendly and courteous staff are here to assist you in having a pleasurable and memorable dining experience. Please feel free to speak to our member of the team if you have any questions about the menu or would like any recommendations.

Enjoy and let us take you on a culinary tour of the Himalayas!

Gurkha Inn Fleet

Nepalese & Indian Cuisine

Our Chef

Amrit Limbu

A highly enthusiastic and professional chef chef Amrit made his mark in the culinary world winning awards and medals at national and international level.

Chef Amrit Limbu was recognised with the Craft Guild of Chef Award in 2015 alongside with the Michelin starred chefs Heston Blumenthal and Macro Pierre White.

Recently, Amrit competed against extremely talented and experienced chefs from all over the world on Culinary World Cup which held every 4 years in Luxembourg. 

This 5 days event welcomes 105 international teams that consisted over 2000 chefs. The event brought together the world of gastronomy to honour the culinary arts.

Fortunately, among such talented chefs, chef Amrit Limbu manage to win impressive silver award.