Authentic Nepalese Recipe in Fleet – Highlights of the Restaurant

Date : 14th November 2019

The restaurant Gurkha Innis closer to the concept of a food house than a restaurant both for decoration and for food and attention. The dining room is spacious. You will get greetings by friendly and experienced staff, always available to provide precise explanations about the various dishes and the curiosities related to them.

Thanks to the colours, the light background music, the flavours and scents that invade the room, for several hours you will forget that you are in Fleet. Yes, Gurkha Inn serves you authentic Nepalese recipe in Fleet.

Main Highlights –

  • The Typical Cuisine of Nepal

From meat to fish dishes, along with a wide selection of vegetarian dishes: The restaurant offers its guests a rich and refined menu with all the specialties of authentic Nepalese recipes in Fleet.

Both at lunch and at dinner, you can enjoy authentic specialties such as samosas, Tandoori chicken, fried prawns, fresh homemade cheeses according to tradition, excellent curry dishes, Indian desserts, and much more, all to combine with beer Indian, wines or other beverages. 

  • Authentic and Tasty Nepal Dishes

The Nepalese restaurant manages to combine the excellent quality of its dishes with a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

Each specialty is prepared with care and passion by an expert kitchen brigade, who perfectly knows the different culinary traditions of Nepal so that they can serve the most authentic Nepalese recipe in Fleet.

The raw materials are carefully selected from the best proposals of the day and are always genuine, fresh, and excellent. This is the only way to prepare appetizers and quality dishes.

Thanks to their perfect taste, the quality of the ingredients and the variety of proposals, and the Authentic Nepalese recipe in Fleet, you will find the perfect dish for your tastes!

  • A Cosy Ethnic Place

The family management, the atmosphere, the music on the background, and the furniture contribute to making the restaurant’s guests immerse in an environment completely different from the one just beyond the door.

Here you can discover all the best and the most authentic Nepalese recipe in Fleet, such as tandoori chicken, spit-roasted chicken with yogurt and spices, chicken tikka masala, korma Dhaba, a delicate delicacy in a bar of Persian-origin lamb, samosas, pasta triangular fried stuffed with vegetables, pakora paneer, pan-fried Nepal cheese and much more.

  • Fixed as well as Ala Carte Menus

The restaurant is furnished with taste and simplicity, the walls painted in warm tones, all to restore the right convivial atmosphere. The presence of a competent and friendly team is also essential in an ethnic restaurant. If the patrons need to know the ingredients or how to prepare the dishes, the staff will always be ready to satisfy any request. All are composed of excellent traditional and authentic Nepalese recipes in Fleet. At dinner, instead, you can also choose a la carte among appetizers, first courses, second courses, and desserts, all accompanied by Nepal beers and Italian wines in Gurkha Inn.