Bring A Smile To Your Face With Our Nepalese Cuisine Offering

Date : 25th June 2020

Food can be a real mood changer! And what if you get to eat your favourite dishes!  A broad smile swipes your face! We have several cuisines in the world and each one has its ecstatic feel and charm. This cuisine derives their basic elements from their place of origin, climate, geographical features, climate and several other deciding factors! Nepalese Cuisine is one such region-based food type that comes from the land of Nepal and reflects every bit of Nepalese Culture. And getting it here in Fleet is an added joy!

If you are looking forward to having some good Nepalese food, then we welcome you to our restaurant that is itself named after the famous community of the world “The Gorkhas”! We at Gurkha Inn serve traditional Nepalese Food so that the people in Fleet get a taste of the mountain region even being miles away from Nepal! The moment you enter our restaurant you get the feel of warmth and cultural legacy that we carry since years. Our staff takes care of all your comfort and demands in the best possible way they can.

Here Is What You Get At Our Restaurant:

Being the best Nepalese Restaurant, we make sure to keep up to our name and serve the best dishes from Nepal. We serve the Lamb Shangri-La and the PolekoRatoKukhura cooked following the original recipes from Nepal. The momos that we serve has the real taste of the mountain cuisine and is one of the most frequently ordered dishes at our restaurant.  The lamb curry cooked in tradition Darjeeling style is on our menu (Darjeeling Ko Veda) for you to enjoy. Speaking of the dal, the Kalo Sherpa Dal from Nepal is a must-try if you are a Nepalese Cuisine lover.

We believe in giving you a diverse menu so that you also have the choice to try different cuisines at our restaurant. We also serve food from the neighbouring countries of Nepal (India and China). Our Indian Cuisine is also very popular in Fleet as we serve dishes from all parts of India. You can get Rajasthani Food, South Indian dishes, North Indian delicacies at our esteemed restaurant. So whenever you want to try out new flavours and taste, you are whole-heartedly welcomed at our restaurant.

Why Is Gurkha Inn A Popular Choice? What makes us stand out from the rest is our authenticity of recipes, farm-fresh ingredients, great cooking styles, pricing of the dishes, hospitality of our restaurant employees, and our dine-in, takeaway and home delivery facilities! We keep offering a discount from time to time so that ourcustomers get the maximum benefit. We are open for takeaways and home-deliveries and are also open for the dine-in with some restricted timings. Kindly reserve your slot before visiting us! You can call us on 01252 62889 and place your questions and enquiries. For a good meal and a change in this pandemic, do give us a visit soon!