Come and Experience Good Food at an Authentic Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet

Date : 21st May 2020

If you are living in Fleet or are about to visit here, you may stumble upon several restaurants claiming to serve original recipes and authentic cuisine. But mostly these recipes are twisted and altered to match up the modern taste buds and the originality gets lost somewhere. And Nepalese Cuisine is something that boasts of rich taste and flavours right from the land of Mount Everest! Finding out an Authentic Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet needs a little research work! Finally, there is a restaurant that is famous among the foodie crowd! Gurkha Inn lives up to its name of being an Authentic Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet!

Cuisine from Nepal

The cuisine from Nepal can be identified by the aroma and spices that go into each dish. Famous for the variety of recipes in the meat and seafood section, Nepalese cuisine needs skilled chefs to come up with original tastes and classic preparations. Gurkha Inn takes care that the originality of the dishes is maintained and so it imports spices and ingredients directly from Nepal. This has helped us to establish ourselves as an Authentic Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet.

Signature Nepalese Dishes That We Serve

If you go through our menu (digital menu is available on our website), you can see a lot of popular Nepalese Dishes being served with love! PolekoRatoKukhura, Lamb Sangri-la, PolekoJhingeMachha, Duck/Lamb Chhoila (a famous Newari dish from Kathmandu) are some of the Nepalese starters. Kalo Sherpa Dal, Timur chicken/lamb/king prawns special are must try Nepalese curries in our restaurant. Along with this, you will find many other Nepalese as well as Indian Dishes at this Authentic Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet!

Here is Why We Are The Most Recommended Ones!

  • Authentic Food– Gurkha Inn being the best Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet, serves what it promises! Authenticity and the originality of the food recipes are not compromised at any cost. We follow traditional cooking techniques and use the most aromatic and quality-driven spices from Asia. This gives a rich feel to our menu and dishes.
  • Hygienic Concerns– We never compromise on cleanliness and hygiene and make it a point to clean our premises, kitchen, and pantry regularly. In this COVID-19 crisis, we are paying a lot more attention to the hygiene count than ever before. The food from our restaurant is completely safe to consume.
  • Takeaway And Delivery Services– We provide food delivery service in Fleet and you can also choose a self-pickup from our restaurant. You can now order online on our website or place the order over the phone. This is not all! You can avail discounts on online orders and save some extra pounds too!
  • Easy on the Pocket– Our pricing is kept within the reachable limit so that you need not compromise on good food at this Authentic Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet. Reasonable costs of the dishes and the taste that we serve are the reason behind our success!