Come and Try Gurkha Inn- The Best Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet

Date : 5th March 2020

If you are in Fleet and wondering where to have a wholesome meal then you must try Gurkha Inn! We are a Nepalese Restaurant serving both Nepalese as well as Indian Food. Being aware of the Asian population out here in Fleet, we always wanted to bring Asian food on this soil. Nepalese Cuisine is a favourite among the ones who always have a fetish for spicy chutneys and other condiments. With delicious food, a good Nepalese Restaurant never fails to serve a host of accomplishments along with the meals.

How Does It Feel When You Are In Gurkha Inn?

Gurkha Inn is situated in the heart of Fleet and boasts of a beautifully crafted interior. We always believe that a good meal experience can only be achieved if you have your food in an appropriate environment. The meal theme and the ambiance should go hand in hand to give you a punch of excitement and fulfilment. With appropriate lightings and cosy dining tables, we have tried to make our restaurant as comfortable for you as we can! The moment you get into our premises you are greeted with wonderful smiles ready to serve you the best food in town!

What Does A Good Nepalese Restaurant Serves?

When we choose to categorize ourselves as a Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet, we understand that we have to give you an excellent cuisine and a host of authentic dishes from Nepal. Nepal is famous for its dumplings and its spicy food. If you turn our menu leaflet, you get a never-ending list of mouth-watering dishes. We serve food from Nepal as well as its neighbouring regions. Indian food also finds a prominent place in our menu and you can choose to have classic and age-old recipes out here. Just try our food once and we are sure to give you a memorable taste!

Hospitality at Its Best!

How would you feel if you are treated like a King? On the seventh heaven isn’t it? Nepal is particularly famous for the warmth and love that it showers on the tourists and outsiders! We at Gurkha Inn know that pampering and caring is what a person always craves for! We have tried to give our guests the best mealtime that they deserve! Our restaurant faculty is well-trained to look after you elegantly and you will feel as comfortable as you would have felt in your home. The aromatic food tastes even better when it is served with love and warmth.

What Makes You Visit A Good Nepalese Restaurant?

Obviously, your love for Nepalese food brings you to a good Nepalese Restaurant and we, at Gurkha Inn, offer you some of the best dishes from the land of Himalayas! The pricing is kept as reasonable we could. Do not worry about ruining your wallet anymore. Come to visit this Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet and you are going to love our food as well recommend it to your friends as well!