Delicious Cuisine in Fleet at the Best Nepalese Restaurant

Date : 2nd January 2020

A Quick Glance at the Origin of “Gurkha Inn”!!

We are a Nepalese and Indian cuisine restaurant which is originated from the hill town of Gurkha, which was known for the expansion of the Nepalese kingdom. We offer delicious cuisine in Fleet ensuring authentic taste in all the dishes. Nepalese and Gurkha soldiers which happen to be a part of the British army are known for their bravery and loyalty for more than 200 years. Gurkhas fought with the world for the British with all their loyalty and managed to secure 13 Victoria Crosses for themselves.

In Addition to serving delicious cuisine in Fleet, our staff has also proven themselves to be equally cultivated and friendly making it an overall lovely and memorable experience for all to cherish. For any suggestions or recommendations and comments on the preparations served, the customers are free to give their feedback, for we ensure the best experience while enjoying a delicious cuisine in Fleet.

Gurkha Inn, Fleet specialises in offering the best offood, beverages, and culture to give you the best of culinary experience. The eatery offers genuine and perfect Nepalese, Indian, just as Indo-Chinese choice of nourishment, in one of the most contemporary and relaxed form. We specialise in offering delicious cuisine in Fleet.

Our food ensures that you enjoy every bite as you dig into the delicious cuisine in Fleet and most importantly make you live the culinary moments of the Himalayas.

Gurkha Inn at Your Door Step??!!

You will be delighted to know that Gurkha Inn facilitates your hunger by offering home delivery as well. We ensure that you enjoy the authentic and delicious Nepalese cuisine in Fleet at your own comfort zone and at your own convenience.

Contact and Visit us On This

333 Fleet Road, Fleet GU51 3BU, UK


Phone number-01252 628889, 01252 628851

Take A Note of Our Timings to Book Your table

It’s open 7 days a week.

Lunch: 12:00 pm – 2:30pm

Dinner: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Time to acknowledge the expert behind the authentic mouth-watering delicacies of Gurkha Inn

Chef Amrit Limbu

He is a profoundly excited and proficient gourmet expert individual. He transformed the culinary world by winning honours and decorations at a national and worldwide level. He is one chef who ensures to offer you the best of culinary experience as and when you pay a visit to the restaurant or order food for delivery at your doorstep.

As of late, Amrit went up against very capable and experienced gourmet specialists from everywhere throughout the world on Culinary World Cup which is held at regular intervals in Luxembourg. This 5day-occasion invited 105 global groups that comprised more than 2000 chefs. The occasion united the world of gastronomy to respect the culinary expressions.

Fortunately and very merited, gourmet expert Amrit Limbu figured out how to win noteworthy silver honour among capable culinary specialists. Contact us now to book your table and enjoy the delicious cuisine in Fleet.