Delicious Food at Your Doorstep with Our Food Delivery Service in Fleet

Date : 7th May 2020

Are you a foodie who likes trying world cuisines and exotic recipes? Are you finding it hard to go out to a restaurant and eat your heart content in this viral lockdown? Is your food love chasing you day and night? Then you are at the right place friends! We have an important announcement for you! Gurkha Inn is all set to deliver your favourite dish right at your home with its food delivery service in Fleet. We are the best Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet known for awesome food and great service.

What’s there on Our Menu!

You can visit our website to have a look at our digital menu comprising of awesome starters, maincourse, and sidedishes. We serve Nepalese Food, Indian Dishes, and Indo-Chinese recipes. Along with the authentic taste in our food, you will also get some amazing and special side dishes likepoppadoms, chutneys, chips, raita, salad, and pickles. If you are a Biryani lover, you will get ample of biryani dishes on our spread. Gurkha Inn is especially famous for the classic lamb and sea-food choices and if you are a meat lover, then this is your right destination.

How to Order!

Gurkha Inn is taking orders via phone or through its website. You can either ping us on 01252628889 or order online on our website. Our online menu is there on the website with the list of all the available dishes and their prices. You can add the items, you want to order, in your cart and pay for those payment gateways. Easy checkout is available for our customers and you can place your order easily. If you face any difficulties in putting up your orders you can ask for our assistance by calling our customer care number (provided above)

Delivery Time

We are open for delivery or takeaways after 6 p.m.

Customization of Dishes

If you are allergic to certain dishes, the same can be conveyed to our chefs and complete care would be taken while preparing your order. You can also ask for mild customization of recipes and we would be highly obliged to serve you your favourite food as per your preference.

Prices of Our Dishes and Delivery Charges

Our dishes are moderately priced and we do not support any unnecessary price hike due to any situation or circumstances. Food pick-ups are welcomed and if you want us to deliver it at your place, we are open to that too. We levy a nominal charge of £2 for delivery less than 3 kilometres. For all orders above £15,we give a 10% discount on the food orders. All Takeaway/collection orders online invites a 20% discount from our end!

Our Food Safety Measures

With this viral disease all around, we are taking special measures to ensure food safety. Our kitchen is well sanitized and the food is properly cooked. The delivery agents provide a no-contact delivery to keep up with all the social distancing norms.