Dine at an Authentic Indian Restaurant in Fleet for a Great Taste

Date : 28th May 2020

With much Indian settlement in and around the Fleet, many restaurant owners have decided to include Indian Cuisine in their menu offerings. Indian food has a global fan following and you can find an Indian restaurant wherever you travel! Dining in an authentic Indian restaurant in Fleet is a wish that can be well fulfilled by us! You can visit Gurkha Inn for classic Indian Dishes cooked and served with great love!

What to Expect In an Authentic Indian Restaurant in Fleet?

“Authentic” is a word that carries a legacy with it. Not all restaurants can be termed “authentic” even if they serve a particular cuisine. True taste and flavours are needed to be kept intact in the dishes with sheer perseverance and hard work. It is only then, that a dish comes out with its true aroma and age-old taste. So if a restaurant claims to be an authentic Indian restaurant in Fleet, you can expect great food cooked in the conventional ways from the original recipes.

What Cuisine Does Gurkha Inn Serve?

Gurkha Inn is an authentic Indian restaurant in Fleet that serves both Indian as well as Nepalese dishes along with some fusion recipes from the Indo-Chinese category. You get starters from both Nepal and India along with the main course and desserts from these two places. We are especially famous for the sides that we serve along with our food including pappadams, raitas, chutneys, and pickles.

Our Indian Food Menu

Our Indian food list consists of dishes from both North India as well as Southern provinces of the Indian sub-continent. We serve vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian fares cooked in the original forms. You will see dishes from Rajasthan, Lucknow, Deccan, Punjab, and all the major provinces in India. Our menu has all the popular Indian recipes that are high on the demand list! You can have a view of our digital menu on our official website and can even place an online order for home delivery or a takeaway service!

What Makes Us A Popular Authentic Indian Restaurant In Fleet?

  • Authentic Dishes with Correct Recipes- We make sure to follow the exact recipes so that you get the traditional taste without any compromise.
  • Trained Chefs- Our team of Chefs is highly trained and well versed with the correct cooking techniques. Years of experience helps them to come out with the perfect dish each time.
  • Spices And Ingredients from the Indian Soil- To make sure that we serve the authenticity that we promise, we import raw ingredients and spices directly from India. We believe that the outcome of a dish depends on what goes into it and if you cook with pure and high-quality ingredients you are sure going to nail it! This makes our preparations unique and different from other Indian restaurants in Fleet!
  • Hospitality and Services-Food cooked with passion and served with love gives you the best dining feel. And we never disappoint you in our services and hospitality!
  • Average Pricing- Despite serving high-quality food, we have kept the prices low and affordable!