Enjoy Private Dining and Event While Taking a Culinary Tour of the Himalayas

Date : 18th July 2019

When we talk about Himalayan foothill, the first country that strikes in our mind is Nepal. Known for its ethereal beauty and heaven for trekkers, unfortunately, the Nepalese cuisine is not much appreciated and highly under-rated. The delicacy from Nepal combines a range of ingredients, techniques, and characteristics and the cuisine is the amalgamation of its neighboring countries. Experience theprivate dining and event in the heart of the UK and get the taste of authentic Nepalese food. Here is a compilation of most popular Nepalese dishes you can try out to taste the authenticity of Nepal.


People from Nepal love Momo, It is Nepal’s version of dumpling made of refined flour, steamed vegetables or meat. The dish is usually accompanied by one or two dips, often with vegetable or meat soup. The condiments that are used are quite spicy and you can also try variants of momo with filling involving cheese or potato. But the most flavoursome and traditional ones are the momos with vegetables and meat filling and that taste delicious. It is now easy to enjoy a private dining and event while savouring delicacies of Nepal.


The hot noodle soup from Nepal is called Thukpa which contains pieces of meat and vegetables and the wintry delicacy is very popular all around Nepal. A very warming and comforting dish influenced by Tibet and China often eaten along with Momo. The beautifully seasoned meat stock gives it a pleasant aroma and toppings include the meat of yak, goat, lamb, chicken, etc. vegetable thukpa is also available. If you want to experience private dining and eventin the heart of London, book your table at one of the finest restaurants which serve the best of Nepalese delicacies.

Sel Roti

The sel roti from Nepal is one of its kinds and is a cross between a doughnut and a bagel. This is made of rice flour with a crispy and sweet outer surface which gives way to a puffy and soft-textured dough. This is circular in shape and deep fried. A perfect snack or breakfast treats when dipped in yogurt. However, you can even savour it at private dining and event.

Gorkhali Lamb

Another favorite from Nepal, the Gorkhali Lamb gives out the intense aroma from Nepal. Marinated in chili mixture and sauce the slow-cooked or grilled lamb along with chunky potatoes and roughly chopped onion makes it a filling curry dish which best goes with Roti or Rice.

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