Enjoy Traditional Indian food in Fleet in Pocket-friendly Budget

Date : 12th September 2019

Love for food forces us to explore world cuisine. In the culinary world, few cuisines have already occupied the place of a winner. Indian cuisine is definitely one among those. If you are a true foodie, it will be a big loss if you have not tried Indian cuisine anytime. So, to provide you with the opportunity to taste the traditional Indian food in Fleet, Gurkha Inn is at your service. This new restaurant in Fleet offers you authentic Nepalese and Indian cuisine at an amazingly affordable price. So, you must not miss the opportunity to give it a try. All you need to do is just call us up and book a table and we will do our best to make it an exceptionally great experience.

What Is Special About Indian Food?

  • India is known as the “Land of spices”. Indian food is also full of spices. So, if you love spicy food and want to try the magical aroma and tastes of Indian spices, you need to try Indian cuisine.
  • Indian food is known for its unique flavours. It is always made sure that the spices used in the cooking do not have overlapping tastes so that the flavour of each comes out making the taste unique.
  • India is a diverse country, and this is definitely reflected in its dishes. Indian cuisine will offer you a wide variety of dishes to choose from.
  • The preparation of the Indian dishes follows some complex methods to make the food soft and juicy and mouth-watering as well. And it needs practice too. So, everywhere you will not get an expert hand to prepare the authentic Indian dishes for you. But Gurkha Inn has promised to offer the traditional Indian food in Fleet and so they have recruited experienced chef who is an expert in authentic Indian cuisine to give you the taste of India.

Things to Expect in Gurkha Inn

  1. We serve both Nepalese and Indian dishes, which are two of the most celebrated cuisines of Asia.
  2. You will be able to get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food here.
  3. We have both fine dining and home delivery services to serve you at your convenience.
  4. Our chef, Mr. Amrit Limbu is an award-winning chef with lots of expertise in the culinary domain.
  5. We have a reservation facility. So, if you are planning to arrange a small party there, call us and confirm your reservation along with informing us the number of guests you are intending to invite.
  6. At Gurkha Inn, we have some authentic signature dishes that you must try to experience the traditional Indian food in Fleet. Some of these are – Grandma’s chicken curry, BaiganBharta, Samosa Chat, Prawn Poori, etc.

So, plan your next weekend wisely and make a reservation at Gurkha Inn, one of the most loved restaurants offering traditional Indian food in Fleet. Once you try our scrumptious meal once, you will be tempted to visit us again and again.