Experience Indian Fine Dining In London at a Top Restaurant

Date : 4th July 2019

Oriental cuisines are favourite of all. Especially Indian cuisines are loved all over the world. You can go to any place around the world, you will find out one Indian restaurant over there serving delicious butter chicken or some parathas. It is true that Indian cuisine has many types and most of the types are loved by food lovers. In London, there is also a restaurant calledGurkha Innservingmouth-wateringfoods of India. If you want to experience Indian fine dining in London, then this is the place you can book your table for. We use authentic Indian spices, herbs and other ingredients from India to maintain the authentic taste of all the dishes we offer.

Favourite Items:

There are a lot of items served in the restaurant. From street food to the main course, Gurkha Innserves popular food items of India while ensuring to provide the best of Indian fine dining in London. Popular Indian street foods like Samosa chat, chicken chili, chicken 65, etc. are served to maintain the authenticity of the dish. In the main course, they serve Chicken Chettinad, Darjeeling ko Veda, himali garlic duck, etc. Other than this much more authentic Indian dishes are offered by the restaurant. Here, you can have the best of Indian fine dining in London.

Other Preparations Served:

Apart from Indian dishes, you will also get famous Nepalese cuisines. We serve hot momo, the favourite street food of Nepal loved by all over the world. Some authentic Nepalese dishes like kalo sherpa dal, baingan bharta, etc. are served to maintain the authenticity of the food. There are much more other authentic Nepalese dishes served. This place offers the right mix of Indian fine dining in London along with serving the best of Nepalese dishes.

About the Chef:

Chef Amrit Limbu is a famous chef. He has won so many national and international awards in his career. His culinary skills and the services offered by the restaurant staff make sure to offer you Indian fine dining in London. He served authentic oriental cuisines with some of his innovative dishes. The foodies of London have thoroughly loved his master creations.

Drinks Corner:

There is also good news for drinks lovers. Apart from Indian fine dining in London, the restaurant also serves premium drinks. You can visit us anytime and have the experience of the drinks at a reasonable price.

Service Provided:

There are a lot more extra services offered by the restaurant staff to make your experience of Indian fine dining in London the best one. You can book your orders online. They offer home delivery system. They will give your order within a given time. If you want to taste their authentic foods you can visit their place also. The ambiance of the restaurant is very cosy. You can book your table online also. The most important part is you can get all the services within a very reasonable pocket-friendly budget. Want to try? Do visit the Gurkha Inn.