Here is What MakesIndian CuisineSo Unique

Date : 25th July 2019

There are several factors why India is so well-known for its cuisine. The unique blend of spices and flavorsome aroma make Indian dishes irresistible. A traditional Indian dish on an average can contain at least seven types of ingredients that have flavors heterogeneously combined, that each bite can reveal a different combination of flavors. Let’s take a moment to analyze why Indian Cuisine is so unique and how it brings the magic to your taste bud.

  • Diversity In Food Culture

If we keep the Indian street foods aside and only consider traditional foods from places, we get more than 100 types of Indian cuisine from the all the states, and surprisingly the taste would even vary if you move from one home to another. The food ranges from Dosa-Idli in the South to chicken butter masala in the North, from Dhokla-Khakra in the West to Fish-Mutton curry in the East along with several thousand types of dishes in between.Indian cuisineoffers a diversified taste and flavour to suit all your taste buds.

  • Complexity Of The Procedure

Most of the traditional Indian dishes are not very simple to cook. It requires years of practice to achieve perfection as Indian cuisine requires a lot of herbs and spices to produce the correct taste and flavour. For example, making Biriyani involves a lot of preparation, which takes a good amount of timeif you want to cook the perfect dish with the right flavour and aroma.

  • Rich Knowledge Of Spices

The complex mixture of spices is what makes Indian cuisine stand out. Indians know to use spices and herbs better than any other people on earth. The unique aroma, the flavour that Indian cuisine offers, is what make you come back to eat them to your satisfaction again and again.

  • Readymade Spice Mix Is Unacceptable

Unlike other countries, usage of readymade spice mix in Indian dishes is rare. A readymade mix of spice might make the cooking procedure simple but the variability of taste in the same dish from place to place will not happen. The systematic procedure of adding spices to a dish imparts its uniqueness, thus Indian cooks prefer to make spice mix on their own to get the real taste in Indian cuisine.

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