Make Your Day with the Best Indo Chinese Food in Fleet

Date : 3rd October 2019

If you do a survey among the food lovers of the world about their favorite cuisines, two names will get most of the votes. They are mouth-watering Indian cuisines and lip-smacking Chinese foods. The culinary style where you can get the influence of both this style is known as Indo Chinese delicacies. This style of cooking was invented by the Chinese population lived in Kolkata and later spread all over the world. People around the globe love these fusion dishes. If you are in the UK, you can also taste the best Indo Chinese food in Fleet as some food joints serve these delicious dishes.

What Is Indo Chinese Delicacies?

Chinese foods are always very popular in Kolkata, India. There are few Chinese families resides over the place who are originally from the Hakka region of China. The first Chinese to migrate to India for materialistic purposes was Yang Tai Chow. He came to Kolkata and rooted over there. With the advent of time, a huge number of Chinese mainly Hakkas, came to Kolkata and stayed over there. They took various professions to earn their livelihood, but the person dealing with the foods gained popularity within a very short time. With time, the Chinese assimilated with Bengali culture and sensibility and started believing in the Indian goddess. They offered their own dishes to the goddess and from there the cultural fusion began and that extended its hands to the foods. The cooks started using onion, garlic and other Indian spices in preparing the Chinese dishes. It added a new taste to the cuisines and everybody started loving it. This is how the Indo Chinese cuisines made the mark.

What Are the Dishes That Are Popular in Indo Chinese Cuisines?

There are a lot of dishes gained popularity from these delicacies. For example, you can name these-

  • Chili-Different kinds of dishes are prepared using chilies and they are very popular.
  • Garlic- Garlic is used to prepare various vegetarian as well as none vegetarian dishes.
  • Schezwan –This is a hot and spicy variant of Chinese cuisine originated from the Sichuan province of China. But now there are a very few resemblances you can find out among both of them.
  • Ginger – This is also an Indian spice influenced the Chinese dishes.
  • Manchurian –Itis said that Nelson Wang invented this dish in 1975. He coated the chicken and fried them. Then added onion, garlic, and ginger to make the gravy. Added different sauces to the dish and invent this special style of Indo Chinese delicacy.
  • Chow main –This is also a food loved,y foodies of all age and it is also influenced by Indian style of cooking.

Experience the Best Indo Chinese Food in Fleet:

You may know that British people thoroughly love the Indo Chinese delicacies. You can taste the best Indo Chinese food in Fleet as some restaurants serve this delicacy here. Gurkha Inn is one of the food joints whose Indo Chinese foods are loved by foodies around the world. If you want to experience their heavenly dishes, do step into Gurkha Inn.