Enjoy Nepalese Cuisine in Fleet at a Top Restaurant in Town

Date : 28th November 2019

East has continuously proved its greatness regarding a couple of matters throughout history. Among many such things, the Cuisine is undoubtedly one such thing. Among oriental cuisines, Nepalese Cuisine has been one of the most tongue watering and most attractive options in the west.  So, if you are hungry or just craving for some exotic food with oriental charm, then dining at Nepalese Cuisine in Fleet can be the best option for you.

What is Nepalese Cuisine?

There is a long and interesting history of this question. Nepalese Gurkha soldiers in the British Empire were renowned for their bravery and loyalty. They had been a part of the Royal British army about 200 years. They showed exemplary courage and bravery as they fought for the British Empire all over the world. So, the Nepalese Cousin is an attempt to protect, revive and celebrate the food and the beverages and the cultures the Nepalese warriors carried with them from the distant Himalayas.

What Is So Special About It?

Authentic Exotic Dishes:

The Nepalese Cuisine in Fleetis ready to serve you when you crave for some exotic and rich Nepalese, Indian and Indo- Chinese dishes in a setting designed to give you a premium oriental feel. So, enjoyment becomes greater as the taste joins the feel and the ambiance.

Friendly and Courteous Staff:

In the restaurant dining hall, you can expect to be assisted by the friendly and courteous staff that ensures a memorable and pleasurable experience for you. You can always ask a question or make a valuable recommendation.

Maintaining the Dietary Requirements:

As a part of the rich Himalaya food tradition, the dishes of Nepalese cuisines may contain dairy, gluten and nuts and mustard and other ingredients that may sometimes prove allergic in nature to some of you. So, if you are allergic to a specific food or have a special dietary requirement you just have to talk to our concerned team member.

Rich Variety:

The menu cards show a rich variety from the starter to the main course. For example, in starter, you can begin with chicken chili or King Prawn prepared with Nepalese spices and preparation. There is also an Indian item called Chicken 65. In the main course there are wide variety non-vegetarian curries of lamb, duck, and chicken to vegetarian options. There is also a notable segment for premium drinks.

Impressive Chefs:

All the above arrangements are noting without expert chefs to realize everything that is said above. However, all the items offered by The Nepalese Cuisine in Fleetare prepared by expert chefs so that you experience the most original taste of Himalayas.

A Few More Words However, have detailed online research before selecting the restaurant and the menu card that suit you the most. Check out all the options and offers in the case of online order or dining in the restaurant itself. Gurkha Inn, the premium Nepalese restaurant, can indeed be the best destination for you.