A Quick look on This Renowned Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet

Date : 5th December 2019

What is “Gurkha Inn” All About?

This Nepalese and Indian cuisine restaurant comes from the hill town of Gorkha, from where the Nepalese kingdom had expanded. Over 200 years, Nepalese Gurkha soldiers, renowned for their bravery and loyalty, have been an integral part of the British Army. Gurkhas had loyally fought for the British all over the world and had received 13 Victoria Crosses between them.

To celebrate the food, beverages, and culture the Nepalese warriors have brought over from the Himalayas, Gurkha Inn, Fleet is a genuine attempt aimed at this. This renowned Nepalese restaurant in Fleet offers authentic and exquisite Nepalese, Indian as well as Indo-Chinese selection of food, in a relaxed and contemporary setting.

To add to the lip-licking food, their friendly and courteous staff is present to assist customers in having a pleasurable and memorable dining experience. Customers are told to feel free to speak to the restaurant’s members if they have any questions about the menu or would like any recommendations or suggestions for improvement.

The food served at this renowned Nepalese restaurant in Fleet ensures that you enjoy the food for the real and authentic aroma and taste. It can effectively take you on a culinary tour of the Himalayas for you to remember and pay repeat visits!

Does the Restaurant Offer Home Delivery?

Yes, there is free home delivery offered by Gurkha Inn, the renowned Nepalese restaurant in Fleet. The restaurant makes sure you enjoy the superb food even in the comfort of your own home. You can also place an order and collect it from the takeaway counter. There is free delivery present on all take-home orders as well as orders delivered to your doorstep. This renowned Nepalese restaurant in Fleet makes sure to offer you all kinds of comfort and convenience so that you can only focus on the real taste of the food an satisfy your taste buds.

Address and Contact Number

333 Fleet Road, Fleet GU51 3BU, UK

Email Id-info@gurkhainn.co.uk

Phone number-01252 628889, 01252 628851

What Are Gurkha Inn’s Opening Hours?

It is open 7 days a week.

Lunch: 12:00 pm – 2:30pm

Dinner: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Know the Man behind Gurkha Inn’s Lip Licking Food- Chef Amrit Limbu

Chef Amrit Limbu is a highly enthusiastic and professional chef person. He made his mark in the culinary world winning awards and medals at the national and international levels. He was recognised with the Craft Guild of Chef Award in 2015 alongside with the Michelin starred chefs Heston Blumenthal and Macro Pierre White.

Recently, Amrit competed against extremely talented and experienced chefs from all over the world on the Culinary World Cup which is held every 4 years in Luxembourg. This 5 day-event welcomed 105 international teams that consisted over 2000 chefs. This event has successfully brought together the whole world of gastronomy so as to honour the culinary art.

Fortunately and very well deserved, chef Amrit Limbu managed to win impressive silver award amongst talented chefs.