Pamper Your Taste Buds with Lip Smacking Nepalese Cuisine in Fleet

Date : 15th August 2019

Oriental cuisines are popular worldwide for its awesome taste. If you are a foodie you must love these foods. Especially Indian and Nepalese dishes are loved by all. People from 8 to 80 loves to eat momos and all kinds of Nepalese cuisine in Fleet. There are a lot of restaurants serving authentic Nepalese cuisines. Be it noodles or famous Nepalese curry- most of the dishes are prepared by the restaurants now. You can also find authentic Nepalese cuisine in Fleet. A lot of Nepalese, as well as Indian dishes, are served in restaurants in the UK. You can taste the authenticity of these Indian and Nepalese cuisines in Fleet and experience the difference.

Specialties of Nepalese Cuisines:

Rice, pulses and lots of vegetables are used to prepare the Nepalese dishes. Generally Nepalese are fond of rice and pulses. With that, a variety of vegetables are cooked using different kinds of spices to create the magic. All these preparations are very tasty and mouth-watering. You will also love the tastes of Nepalese cuisine. Meats are also cooked in the household of Nepal. There are also some basic food preparations like sel roti, Finni roti or patrewhich are cooked during the festivals.  If you are looking for authentic Nepalese cuisine in Fleet, you should walk into a top restaurant in the city and savour the good food.

Nepalese food is influenced by the cookery of neighborcountries like India, Tibet, etc. Momo is a popular Nepalese dish which is Tibetan style dumplings cooked with special Nepalese spices. There are some other items also which are hybrids and has their origin in other countries. There are some good restaurants which serve good Nepalese cuisine in Fleetand you will surely feel happy visiting them.

Some Authentic Nepalese Cuisine:

There are a lot of Nepalese dishes loved by foodies all over the world. One of them is Momo. It is a street food influenced byTibetan style.This is now served all over the world.  Another Nepalese dish that is loved by the food lovers is PolekoJhingeMachha. This is a recipe made with King Prawn cooked in authentic Nepalese spices. Some other popular dishes of Nepal are AlooBodiTama curry, Himali garlic duck,Kalosherpa dal, etc. All these authentic Nepalese dishes are served in different food joints that serve Nepalese cuisine in Fleet.

Authentic Nepalese Cuisine in Fleet:

There are a lot of restaurants serving Indian and oriental foods but the authenticity of that food items can be questioned. You can feel the difference as most of the restaurants are serving fusion food. They mix two styles of cooking and serve it to the customer. But there is some exception too. There aresome restaurants offering Nepalese Cuisine in Fleet. The name of that restaurant is Gurkha Inn.

This food joint in Fleet serves Nepalese and Indian cuisines maintaining the authenticity and native taste. The chef and his team do a lot of research before presenting any dish. Chef Amrit Limbu is a well-known chef and has won a lot of awards. He loves to explore new cuisines maintaining its authenticity and present it to the foodies. He has made a mark in the culinary world and continues to present magic in the kitchen of Gurkha Inn. If you don’t taste his magical explorations yet, you should visit our restaurant and experience the culinary delicacies by this restaurant in Fleet.