Relish Irresistible Biryani Dishes at the Best Restaurant in Fleet

Date : 19th March 2020

Biryani, the word itself is sufficient to bring a smile on anyone’s face. If you want to calm down your hunger with a platter of delight, biryani is the most recommended dish. It is a rice dish cooked with meat and vegetables along with flavourful spices. Slow cooking gives it the texture and aroma that can make it the most sought after rice dish. But do all the eateries serve authentic biryani? Well, don’t play around with your mood and only visit the best restaurant in Fleet that serves the finest platter of biryani in town.

Have you ever tried Gurkha Inn in Fleet? We have a special menu for biryani lovers along with a host of Nepalese and Indian Dishes. You can also relish several accomplishments and side dishes along with your meal at our restaurant. There are lots of gravies, dumplings, traditional dishes and varieties of flatbread at our restaurant that you can saviour and enjoy. The food quality and the freshness of the dishes are par excellence as we cook with fresh ingredients and authentic spices. Quality compromise is out of the question at our restaurant.

Biryani Dishes at Gurkha Inn

We offer you around 8 different types of Biryani that you can choose to try.

Vegetable Biryani– For our vegetarian guests, we have come up with a basic biryani dish that is cooked with vegetables and rice. You will get all the elements of a tasteful biryani in this platter sans all the meat and eggs.

For our non-vegetarian foodies, we have come up with these seven different biryani platters with the basic variety in the meat choices.

Chicken Biryani– A famous dish in its own kind, chicken biryani is an all in all favourite biryani dish all over. The tender juicy chicken is cooked along with rice and spices to get that magical flavour.

Chicken Tikka Biryani– A little twist in the regular chicken biryani, the tikka or marination is the added bonus in this platter.

Lamb Biryani– For all the lamb lovers out there, Gurkha Inn has come up with an awesome lamb biryani recipe. Try it once and you will be a fan!

Lamb Tikka Biryani– Almost similar to that of Chicken Tikka Biryani, with the main change in the choice of meat, it is a sure try dish at our restaurant.

Prawn Biryani– Who doesn’t love prawns? And how about eating it cooked in a biryani? Exciting isn’t it?

King Prawn Biryani– King prawn is special in itself and blends well with a plate full of biryani. It is a favourite among all the prawn lovers out there!

Gurkha Inn Special Mix Biryani– Now the word ‘Special’ carries a lot of weight. And it is not without reason that this special mix biryani is the most frequently ordered dish at our restaurant. The reason being it’s our specialty and private recipe. You get a mix of chicken, lamb and king prawn in one single dish itself! And you really cannot let go of the taste.

Gurkha Inn invites all the people to try the biryani dishes that it serves along with other recipes from our menu. Visit the best restaurant in Fleet and treat your tastebuds!