Renowned Nepalese Restaurant’s Take on Noodle Soup

Date : 21st November 2019

Noodle soup is one of the dishes which is highly enjoyed and cherished by the Nepalese. The essence infused in the noodle soup is present in the broth as well as the spicy condiments. Whether a day is chilly or hot, slurping a noodle soup is one of the experiences which is always satisfying. In Nepal, noodle has become a type of easy to go and eat food in urban communities. The Chinese derived fried noodles also known as chowmein is stir-fried in soya sauce and noodle soup or thukpa.  Sherpa’s Shyakpa is a hand-pulled wheat noodle soup made traditionally with vegetables and dried meat, Thakali’s Aalangkhu is a handmade buckwheat flour noodle soup made with vegetables and smoke-dried meat, Eastern egg noodle is served along with potato curry and peas, Tibetan Thenthuk is same as Shyakpa to recent Chinese Sichuan styled noodle mixed with minced meat. Such is the form of noodles consumed in renowned Nepalese Restaurant.

Gurkha Inn is a hub for all the Nepalese food lovers living in the UK. This place serves all kinds of delicacies including the best of noodle soup in Fleet.

Book Your Table to Enjoy the Delicacies

You may just book your table at the restaurant and order some of the specialty dishes offered by this restaurant. Not only the food, you will also love the décor and the ambiance offered by this place and enjoy a sumptuous meal with your loved one. You may also order some of the drinks while you enjoythe food at the place and come out with a smile on your face for the great food you just had. You may either call the restaurant staff to book a table or fill in the form which is there on the website and receive a call back for the same. Either way, you will be able to book a table for you and your loved one.

Enjoy Authentic Nepalese Food When Order Online

You can also enjoy the authentic Nepalese cuisine by placing your food order online and avail a discount if you come and collect it from the takeaway counter. Well, there is good news for home delivery also. You will get a great deal and discount on your food orders for home delivery if you place the order online. So, now that you know what you are going to get, do not wait any longer, just place an order for all the dishes you love and enjoy the food.

Get the Original Teste of Nepal You may now enjoy the real teste of Nepal any day with sumptuous food served at this restaurant and feel good about having a happy tummy. The best part about Gurkha Inn is that it brings in the real taste of Nepal in the heart of Fleet. So, all those people who crave for authentic Nepalese dishes, this is a great time to feast yourself with the great food offered by the chef in this place.