Satisfy Your Food Love at the Best Restaurant in Fleet

Date : 9th April 2020

If you are a food junkie and love eating new delicacies then this food blog will take you to your destination. People always want to try classic dishes from different cuisines all around the world. But only a few restaurants can live up to your expectations of providing great services and flavoursome platter. Fleet has seen a rise in the number of food junctions of late, but not all can be your favourite. Different restaurants serve different cuisines and so the first thing that you need to decide upon is what you exactly want!

If you are looking for some great Asian Cuisine comprising of Indian Dishes and Nepalese food then Gurkha Inn is your must-visit in Fleet. We are the best restaurant in Fleet serving great dishes that follows the authentic recipes and are made with high-quality ingredients. Being a Nepalese Restaurant, we import every herb, spices and other ingredients from Asia. This expels any chance of taste difference or quality deterioration in our food. Our Chefs especially follows the age-old cooking techniques and skips any form of short-cut route. This ensures flavourful bowls of piping hot food with the exact aroma that can arouse your taste buds.

Our Menu

You can get all the famous Nepalese Dishes at our restaurant. You name it and you will find it on our menu. The starters section has a huge variety so that you get plenty of choices to pick from. Indian Recipes like gravy dishes, Nawabi Biryani and other famous snacks like samosa are also there in our food list. Besides this you will also get to taste some fantastic Indo-Chinese and other fusion recipes that the youths love to gorge upon. All in all, you will get everything that you love in Asian Cuisine!

Our Ambiance

Right from the moment you step in at Gurkha Inn, you will find yourself at a comfortable pad that can relax even the most tedious soul. With clean and hygienic interiors and comfortable sitting arrangements, your dining joys are enhanced to a great level. Proper lightening soothes and calms your mind and you don’t feel the pinch of bright glares. You are warmly welcomed at the entrance and are provided complete assistance regarding the menu choice and other food-related information. If you are at your comfortable best, you leave behind all your stress and spend your quality time and enjoy your food better.

Pocket Pinch The whole dining joys goes for a toss after seeing the food bill at the end! The restaurants that claim exorbitant prices for the dishes are a big turn off for guests and they end up feeling cheated. But that is not a worry at Gurkha Inn. All our dishes are of great quality and reasonably priced. You will not feel the heat in your wallet and will love our deals. We are indeed the best restaurant in Fleet and are highly recommended for all the food lovers out there.