Saviour The Best Indo-Chinese Recipes in Fleet

Date : 13th February 2020

Fusion food has widely taken over the food circle around the world and has become a hot favourite among the diners. People who want to try two different food cuisines but have a small appetite just to accommodate a smaller platter in their tummy can try on fusion food to get the taste of two regions. Indo-Chinese recipes in Fleet are a common favourite and a much in demand food cuisine. People who want to eat Chinese Food with a hint of Indian touch can always try Indo-Chinese recipes in Gurkha Inn, a fine dining restaurant in Fleet.

Indo-Chinese recipes are created by the famous chefs of this renowned restaurant and have a special aroma and fine taste. Using all the Chinese sauces and spices, an authentic Indian recipe is given a classic twist. Take for example the famous “Chilli Paneer”! Paneer or Cottage cheese is an Indian staple and it is cooked in typical Chinese style (just like chilli chicken) to give birth to delicious Chilli Paneer. Similarly, many other recipes are turned and modified a little to give rise to the best Indo-Chinese recipes in Gurkha Inn. People from every corner of the town come to our restaurant to tickle their palate with never before tasted recipes.

Must Try Indo-Chinese Recipes in Gurkha Inn

  1. Chilli Paneer– As we have already mentioned, Chilli Paneer is an Indo-Chinese recipe that has a huge fan following all over and is a finger-licking flick.
  2. Gobi Manchurian– Gobi or cauliflower is just not meant for the Indian style Aloo-Gobi Sabzi! It is recreated to form the most amazing Manchurian balls and served along with the typical Chinese Manchurian Gravy for the kick that you want!
  3. Garlic Chilli Mushroom– Any mushroom lover out there! Come to Gurkha Inn and get that bowl of Garlic Chilli mushroom cooked typically in Chinese pattern. Indo-Chinese recipes at its best!
  4. Chicken/Meat Samosa– Samosa is an Indian snack love with spicy potato filling inside. But the traditional potato is replaced with meat or chicken to reform it as a new variety. Definitely a must-try in our restaurant!

Come and Visit Gurkha Inn

Are you looking out for the best Indo-Chinese recipes in Fleet? Gurkha Inn is your destination for sure! Come once and try our dishes and offerings. You are sure going to love our food’s taste and our ambiance. We serve Nepalese Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Indo-Chinese recipes and Chinese Cuisine in our esteemed restaurant. Our Chefs are specially trained to bring out the best on the table and present to you their unique creation with love. Our ambiance and interior will soothe your tedious soul and will give you a relaxed feeling. A change in food and venue is a much needed dose to refresh your tired week. We at Gurkha Inn never fail to fulfil your expectations and will forever work in favour of our guests. We try our best to give you the most classic dishes at pocket-friendly pricing. Visit our food paradise and try our Indo-Chinese Cuisine as well as other food recipes.