Savour the Taste of Indo Chinese Cuisine in Fleet at Our Restaurant

Date : 12th December 2019

For decades, Indo Chinese cuisine has been in Fleet and has enjoyed the position of being a comforting delight for a large number of consumers. Gobi Manchurian, Chilli Chicken and Hakka Noodles are some of the delicious dishes served at Gurkha Inn, Nepalese & Indian Cuisine Restaurant in the UK. However, these delicious Chinese dishes cannot be termed as a product of the fusion course. Actually, these popular Chinese foods are relics of Indian history and their most appreciated food culture. So, to get the real taste of Indo Chinese cuisine in Fleet, all you need to do is to walk into a restaurant that serves the best of Indo Chinese cuisine in Fleet.

Chinese Blended Delight

This fusion version of Chinese food is highly devoured in India which brings a large number of Indian customers to our restaurant in the UK. We try and blend the Chinese and Indian culture together to make our guests feel like home as they savour the Indo Chinese cuisine in Fleet. So today, if ever you feel yourself rejoicing one of your loved dishes being offered at our Indo Chinese restaurant, know the fact that these dishes which you are enjoying have a Cantonese and Hakka effect along with the Indian twist to this.

Ingredients That We Use to Make Our Indo Chinese Dishes

A few of the common and the most prominent ingredients used in preparing the authentic Indo Chinese cuisine in Fleetinclude watercress, chow sum, Mo Pa Tofu, bolChoy and Sichuan pepper. On the other hand, other kinds of ingredients that are used in our preparation involve substitutes such as capsicum, cabbage, carrot, soya sauce, evergreen shallot, baby corn and white vinegar.

When Was the Indianised Chinese Born?

Less than 10 decades ago Indian cuisine got influenced by a wide new culinary approach. Indians being Indians thought of putting in their spicy delight into the Chinese cuisine and hence from there the name Indo Chinese came into effect. We offer the best of Indo Chinese cuisine in Fleetat a pleasing ambiance for you to enjoy the taste.

What is the Reason for So Much Popularity of Indo Chinese Cuisine in Fleet?

The question comes to the minds of most, what makes the Indo Chinese cuisine in Fleetextremely popular among Indians? Obviously, the answer to this question lies within the question – the Indianised touch and the Indian ingredients infused along with the Chinese style make this cuisine taste spectacular. Suggestions from the Indians to the Chinese immigrants made them realise pretty fast that since the Indian loves spices and the masala induced dishes, which made them transmogrify their authentic cuisine in this manner. With few sprinkles of few Chinese spices, our most relished paneer got transformed into hot and tangy Sichuan Paneer. Our lovable chicken curry got transformed into chilli chicken. Moreover, Jeera aloo further got replaced by juicy and spicy Kung Pao potatoes.

Indo Chinese For Life

The most delectable noodle, spicy hot momos, and the hot Manchurian and more of such tasty, spicy and tangy cuisines make the dish highly famous among our regular customers in our restaurant, which are not only Indians but foreigners as well. So, wait no more, contact Gurkha Inn and book your table o enjoy the most delectable Indo Chinese cuisine in Fleet.