The Best Nepalese Restaurant In Fleet You Need To Try!

Date : 2nd April 2020

Are you the one who is always open to trying out new things in life? Then, my dear reader, you actually know the real art of living! Nothing else in life can give you the pleasure that self-discoveries do! Food is an integral component of our existence and we need to try different recipes, different cuisines, and different restaurants. There are plenty of restaurants in Fleet serving food from all over the globe and you must have tried some of them. The likings and dis-likings entirely depend upon the food quality and the service offered.

We are here to recommend to you one of the finest Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet, the “Gurkha Inn”. Situated at 333 Fleet Road, Fleet GU51 3BU, UK, we serve amazing food and some of the world-renowned recipes. “Gurkha”, the word itself defines the restaurant and its Nepalese connection. The word Gurkha means a brave Nepalese warrior and so the restaurant can be rightly called the real representative of Nepalin Fleet. With a wide menu, flooded with the name of authentic dishes, you are spoilt for choices at our restaurant. Right from the starters to the main course to some awesome desserts, you can let go of anything!

The Menu on Offer


Being a Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet, we are well stacked with Nepal’s favourite recipes and dishes. Right from the poppadum to spicy lamb/chicken dishes along with some amazing dips, you will find authentic Nepalese Food at our restaurant. The PolekoRatoKukhura is a highly recommended chicken dish where the chicken is chargrilled to give that distinct smoky flavour. And if you are a fan of lamb dishes then do try our Lamb Shangri-La. The chutneys and dips are sure to take you by surprise and will add an extra zest to your dining.


Along with the Nepalese Food, we also serve classic Indian recipes and some of the highly acclaimed Indo-Chinese dishes. The curries and the kormas and the jhalfrezi are sure going to woo you with their delicious aroma and taste. You can have several choices in Flatbread varieties such as naan, roti, paratha, and chappati. Our rice dishes are a famous pick with pulaos and biryani is on offer. Apart from this, side-dishes and snacks like the famous samosa are also available at our restaurant. You can visit our website and can get to view our digital menu!


Why Us?


Well, we have enough to offer and are still in the process of upgrading our menus and services to win your heart. All the spices and herbs and ingredients are especially brought in from Nepal and India to give you the real feel of the cuisine. Taste compromise is not something that you can ever find in Gurkha Inn. The chefs are also masters in their respective fields with years of training and experience. The cosy interiors and the warm gesture will make you feel at your best. You are cordially invited to visit us once and experience the real joys of fine dining!