Top 9 Reasons to Indulge inTraditional Darjeeling Style Food in Fleet

Date : 7th November 2019

Whenever you book a table at a good restaurant, you can’t ignore the fact of thinking about the food and the beverages they will offer. Darjeeling in itself is one of its kinds. There are many famous dishes in Darjeeling that you must try. Below you can read about traditional Darjeeling style food in Fleet.

1. Shaphalay

Shaphalay is Tibetan bread stuffed with meat, pork or chicken and is a preferred traditional Darjeeling style food in Fleet. Usually served with chutney, assorted vegetables or curry but the best thing to serve this with is ‘tsampa’ (roasted barley) and cheese or butter.

2. Gundruk

Gundruk is another tasty food and also among the top traditional Darjeeling style food in Fleet. This dish is prepared by leaves of cauliflower and radish are left to ferment naturally and then again dried under the sun till it becomes Gundruk. The leaves are tossed in a wok and served with onions and other vegetables. It has typical strong flavors and smells.

3. Aloo Dum

This is a typical dish of the Nepali as well as Bengali cuisine. It is prepared by boiling pieces of potatoes in thick gravy which is prepared using some spices, onion slices, which is a must in this dish. It is garnished and served with freshly cut coriander leaves and potato wafers. And, this dish is popularly called ‘bhujia’. This has become pretty popular traditional Darjeeling style food in Fleet.

4. Nepali Thali

The Nepali Thali is probably one of the best food combinations for the local people. The thali consists of ‘daal’ (cooked lentils), ‘bhaat’ (boiled rice), ‘achaar’ or ‘chutney’ (pickles) and a sweet dish. Although Nepali thali is quite similar to the Bengali thali the herbs and spices used in Nepali cuisine are different.

5. Dalle (The Darjeeling Hills Pickles)

If you are fond of the taste and flavour of red-hot chili, then this traditional Darjeeling style Food in Fleet is something you will savour. Made with red chili paste, mustard oil, spices, and salt, Dalle is a very spicy pickle that is eaten with all kinds of meals. It is stored and sold in small glass bottles.

6. Kakra ko Achaar and Kineme

These are essentially picklesin the Nepali cuisine. ‘Kakra ko Achaar’ is made of julienne cucumbers by adding salt, spices and mustard oil. It is like a staple diet for the people from Darjeeling and is eaten with meals regularly. ‘Kineme’ is also a kind of pickle made with fermented soybeans and among the preferred traditional Darjeeling style food in Fleet.

7. Naga Cuisine

Another unique variety of food that Darjeeling has is Naga cuisine. A small population of the Nagas lives in Darjeeling and that is why the Naga cuisine has gradually become popular there. The grand thali contains various delicacies such as rice, fermented, fish or pork, some pickles, ghee, and a sweet dish. This has also become a loved dish among other traditional Darjeeling style food in Fleet.

8. Churpee

Churpee is a milk-based item that is served with ‘niguru’. It’s a cheese found in both soft and hard forms. Churpee is prepared from cow’s milk as well as yak’s milk. You will find it in both soft as well as hard forms.

9. Bengali Thali

Being a part of the state of West Bengal, Darjeeling has adapted Bengali thali as a part of its food specialty. Traditional Bengali platter will include a daal, aloo bhaja, fish or prawn curry, assorted vegetables or sometimes the platter might include the famous ‘khichuri’ and ‘ilish maach bhaja’. Contact Gurkha Inn and Book Your Table now.