Treat Yourself with Mouth Watering Indian and Nepalese Cuisine in the UK

Date : 28th June 2019

Are you a foodie? Do you love oriental cuisine? If your answer is yes then there is good news for you. Gurkha Inn is a restaurant serving Indian and Nepalese cuisinesin the UK. Authentic lip-smacking popular cuisine of Nepal and India are prepared to maintain the goodness of spices and other materials.

Popular Nepalese Cuisine:

There are a lot of cuisines popular in Nepal. You can’t find them outside the territory of the country. Gurkha Inn is serving these mouth-watering dishes. Their dishes loved by the food lovers are AluBodi Tama Curry, Himali Garlic Duck, and Grandma’s Chicken Curry, etc. All of these are very popular Nepalese cuisine authentically prepared by the Ghurkha Inn. There are many starters also available and food lovers of the UK love these so much. Some of these popular dishes are Momo, Chicken Chilli, PalekoJhingeMachha, etc. All of these cuisines authentic dishes from Nepal. Spices and other materials used by the restaurant are taken from Nepal. Quality and authenticity are strictly maintained by the authority.

Mouth-Watering Indian Dishes:

Indian and Nepalese cuisineis something loved by all. The lovely texture and colourful spicy curries are liked by food lovers of the world. Gurkha Inn serves some authentic dishes direct from the Indian kitchen. Both veg and non-vegetarian cuisines are available here. For example, Samosa chat is a very popular Indian street food. Gurkha Inn serves it exactly the way it found in the streets of India. There are many other Indian and Nepalese cuisinesprepared by the restaurant maintaining the authentic taste of India. Some of the popular Indian dishes are Chicken 65, Darjeeling KoVeda, chicken or prawn Chettinad, etc. All these recipes are loved by food lovers.

About Gurkha Inn:

Gurkha Inn is a restaurant offering authentic Indian and Nepalese cuisines. The chef Amrit Limbu is very enthusiastic and professional. He won so many awards for his work. He with his team is always ready for your service. They believe in preparing authentic food maintaining the quality. They also try to invent some new dishes to gift the foodies. If you are a food lover you must try all the dishes offered in the restaurant. You can reserve your table before going there. They open at 12 pm for lunch and dinner is started at 6 pm. If you also want to try their cuisines do visit Gurkha Inn.