Treat Yourself with Tasty Indo Chinese Food in Fleet

Date : 19th December 2019

Indo Chinese food taste is superb and many people prefer because, in these, there is a taste of some Indian saucy which makes the food taste yummy and delicious. People crave tasty Indo Chinese food in Fleet as there are only a few restaurants that serve for tasty Indo Chinese food in Fleet.

You might see that from top restaurant establishments to nearby joints, many serve Indian Chinese food, however, only a few serve the authentic and for tasty Indo Chinese food in Fleet. Spicy gravies, saucy noodles, and the legendary chicken or vegetable Manchurian – always batter-fried and soak in chilli garlic sauce – all of which bring very small similarity to the food literally eaten in China.

Gurkha Inn Fleet serves tasty Indo Chinese food in Fleet. Right from thefood, drink and culture brought by the Nepalese warriors from the Himalayas Gurkha Inn serve it all. This restaurant provides you authentic and elegant Nepalese, Indian and tasty Indo Chinese food in Fleetin an effortless manner.

Whereas black pepper, baby corn, corn, cabbage, vinegar, carrots, and soya sauce, capsicum are used in Indian Chinese food doused with sauces such as Hoisin, Sweet and Sour, Szechwan, Black Bean, Oyster,etc.

5 Chinese Dishes which are Popular in the List ofTasty Indo Chinese Food in Fleet

There are some dishes with Chinese food, but invented in India; that defines the Indian Chinese food – spicy, fried and sour absolutely sinful.

Chilli Chicken: This is one is the best party starter dish, which has included most Chinese elements with soya sauce.

Chowmein: As the name goes, Chow Meincomes from China and it is mentioned as chāu-mèing.Here, noodles are served covered with greens, scrambled eggs along with some other items. However, in India, noodles have become a favourite for all households which make dish fried and spicy. And, people have started liking the Indo Chinese food which has become an amalgamation of recipes from both countries.

Spring Roll:Spring Rolls are also a hot favourite of those who find Chinese and Indian delicacies delectable. Spring rolls have made a place in the regular starter list among Indo Chinese food.

Veg Manchurian: Veg Manchurian is a popular Indo-Chinese appetizer made by deep-frying vegetable balls in sweet-sour and hot Manchurian sauce.

Chilli Garlic Noodles:Chilli garlic noodles are the most preferred Indo Chinese noodles by the people living in Fleet, where the noodles are flavoured with garlic and red Chilli.

The Reason for So Much of Preference ofIndo-Chinese Food

Chinese spices and Indian cooking techniques are adopted by many in the world, and the people of Fleet are no exception to it. Similarly, the importance and preferencefor tasty Indo Chinese food in Fleet have increased in Fleet.


The food was fantastic at the Gurkha Inn, every dish was well prepared and the seasoning was spot on, the manager was very knowledgeable. All the waiting staff was very attentive and professional.