What to Expect in a Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet

Date : 16th April 2020

If you have a fetish for food and like tasting new dishes, then this blog has much in-store for you. You may have tasted different Cuisine from all over the world and may also be having a personal favourite dish. But having good food is not all! The restaurant, that you visit, should offer you an overall package along with a plateful of a tasty meal. Nepal, a country in Asia, is known for its hospitality and courtesy. So a good Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet should reflect these qualities to its guests.

Apart from good food, there are certain factors to look for in a restaurant before taking your guests there! Imagine eating a delightful plate of meals in a “not-so-comfortable” environment! How would you feel if the restaurant is over-priced and charges you a bomb for its services? Horrible experience, isn’t it? So please do your homework well and know about the restaurant in detail before visiting there with your family. This blog will help you to understand what to expect from a good Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet!Stay glued!


A good Nepalese Restaurant will never let you down with its service quality. The staff and the managing team will always be there at your service and will always cooperate with you and your demands. The food is quickly served and all the customization of the menu is kept in mind. Right from the dining to the billing, everything is conducted at your table in an elite manner!


As already mentioned above, Nepal is a friendly country and counts high on its good and polite behaviour with the tourists. So should a Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet! The restaurant team must be highly courteous and helpful towards you. A homely and friendly approach makes you feel special and you feel at your comfortable best.

Space and Comfort

The Nepalese Restaurant that you are planning to visit should have ample of space and quality sitting arrangements. Comfort is the keyword when you want relaxation and the best restaurant should keep this in mind while offering to serve you.

Menu on Offer

Just sticking to a particular cuisine is not advisable and along with Nepalese Food, the restaurant should also offer you other varieties as well. This gives you diversified menu and you can have something unique and different to choose from! A restaurant must have some choices for every different taste-bud!

Price and Costs

Overly-priced dishes can never give you the best dining feel. All your well-spent time goes to vain upon paying the bills. Always check the prices (on the menu) before you order!Gurkha Inn is an amazing restaurant that pays special focus on the above qualities rather than just serving good food. Despite being a Nepalese Restaurant in Fleet, we also serve Indian food and some fusion dishes. Visit us to get the best dining experiences at economic pricing. We promise to serve you with authentic recipes and the best service in town.