Why You Should Try Famous Nepalese Recipe in Fleet

Date : 31st October 2019

Nepalese food has been for centuries one of the most exquisite and revered cuisines of all time. They exhibit the essence of utmost flavours, the mild taste of beverages and the richness of culture which the Nepalese warriors brought over from the Himalayas. Any restaurant that serves famous Nepalese recipe in Fleet aimsto provide exceptionally authentic and exquisite Nepalese, Indian and Indo- Chinese cuisines in an ambience influenced by contemporary art and couture. The staff in the restaurant would ensure to provide assistance in making your dining experience great and memorable.

How Does It Shine Brighter Than Other Restaurants?

  • A top restaurant serving will offer a unique combination of Nepalese, Indian, Indo – Chinese cuisines which happen to be the most revered oriental pan- Asian cuisines of all time.
  • A good restaurant serving famous Nepalese recipes in Fleet will also offer the best customer experience. They will have courteous staff make the dining experience wonderful with their ever-growing hospitality.
  • The restaurant will house one of the most enthusiastic and professional chefs, serving exceptionally high-quality food.
  • The restaurant takes special care regarding ingredient allergies of the customers and ensures that no such ingredient is used in the delicacies which might lead to any further allergies.

Authentic Nepalese Restaurants Offer Famous Recipes in Fleet:

  1. Starters:
  2. Chicken Chilli (Marinated chicken pane in cornflour and shallow fried, cooked with capsicum, onions, tomato, soya sauce, and chili oil) is one of the most appreciated and loved dishes of the restaurant. The spicy taste of the dish deserves all the compliments it gets.
  3. Samosa chatis a street food preferredby many in India and Nepal. These are basically vegetable pastries stuffed with peas, potato, along with assorted spices.The tangy sour, sweet, spicy taste this dish has is a show-stealer.
  4. Momo(Very famous Nepalese dish; minced vegetables or chicken dumpling flavoured with spices wrapped in a pastry, cooked with steam and served with soup and chutney).
  • Popular Curries:
  • Grandma’s Chicken curry (Boneless chicken cooked in authentic Nepalese style). It’s a must-have if you want to taste authentic Nepalese flavour. It is one of the most preferred and famous Nepalese recipes in Fleet.
  • Darjeeling Ko Veda (Lamb) (A famous lamb dish generally cooked in Darjeeling, cooked in traditional Darjeeling style). It’s undoubtedly a delicious dish and its unique combination of flavours excites all taste buds at a go.
  • Himali Garlic Duck (Boneless duck cooked with garlic, onions, peppers, and green chillies). The spicy taste and a fragrance of burnt spices seeped in the juicy meat of duck is an incomparable delicacy.
  • Aloo BodiTama Curry (A must-try dish for vegetarians. This is anauthentic Nepalese curry cooked with potatoes, black-eyed beans, and bamboo shoots and is preferred by many. The perfect delicacy for all the vegetable lovers out there.


So, if you want the real flavour of Nepal with all kinds of famous recipes, you can walk into the Gurkha Inn or just book a table to share a special moment with your special one.